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Introduction to Thermography Medical Clinic

Founded in 2011, Thermography Medical Clinic (“TMC”) has become a trusted source of quality thermography services throughout Ontario and around the world. Currently, TMC is the leading thermography company in Ontario with over 30 external clinics held regularly across the province, and a leading provider of interpretation services for thermographers in Canada, US and Europe. We are members of the International Association of Medical Thermographers. You can consult IAMT’s website at:

The mission of TMC is to improve health outcomes by providing “The Future of Preventative Healthcare … Today!” To find out why we believe there is no reason to exaggerate the benefits of thermography which is unique and beneficial enough to stand on its own merit, please read: What is Thermography? Our focus on improving lives means that TMC Team Members have the opportunity to do well by doing good.

How Can You Participate?

If this resonates with you, consider joining the team at the Thermography Medical Clinic by hosting a clinic for thermography services in your area or joining as a thermographer delivering imaging services at one of our external clinics.

The TMC system offers Clinics and Thermographers:

  • Opportunity for a diversified service mix to build additional cash flow
  • Tested business eco-system that includes strong business development and administrative support
  • Unmatched depth of expertise in thermography services, including highest industry standards in training for thermographers and in imaging protocol, and industry-leading interpretation services
  • The most advanced equipment, including High-Definition Infra-red imaging system and patented image-capture and analytical software

As a member of the TMC Team, you can feel proud to be in an emerging health and wellness sector and in a business that touches so many lives in such a positive way, each and every day. Don’t just invest in a career, join a movement.

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