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Thermography Medical Clinic was established in 2011 to offer a complete range of thermal imaging services.  Our patient-focused Thermography services, customized reports and follow-ups are provided by professionals experienced in patient care.

Prevention is becoming the medical priority in today’s culture, and we are no longer satisfied to accept detection, treatment or management of disease. We believe there is no reason to exaggerate the benefits of thermography which is unique and beneficial enough to stand on its own merit. Our primary goal is to provide high quality, professional imaging services and a meaningful report to the patient and the referring doctor to support ongoing health assessment and prevention. The mission of  Thermography Medical Clinic is to improve health outcomes by providing “The Future of Preventative Healthcare … Today!”.

With over 25 years of experience in the medical industry our team of professionals is caring, compassionate and knowledgeable in the use of thermography and its numerous applications.

Sharon Edwards – H(Rhom), DNM, RHN, CCT

Sharon is a Registered Homeopath, Natural Health Practitioner and Registered Nutritionist. She is the Founder and Clinic Director of D’Vine Living and the Thermography Medical Clinic.

As a healthcare practitioner, Sharon believes that personalized preventative care is of the utmost importance in helping people achieve their health goals. Her education and experience in the healthcare field enables her to incorporate a client-centered approach to medicine that is tailored to the unique needs of every individual.

Beliefs, attitudes, and motivations all play a role in overall wellness. To ensure a more holistic and accurate diagnosis, Sharon considers the physical, mental, and emotional aspects in assessing each client and arriving at a treatment protocol. Her devotion to preventing disease and achieving good health is the basis and primary focus of her practice. She values the trust and confidence of her clients with who she works in partnership for better health.

Why Thermography?

Being able to see the very first beginnings of a possible disease process before it becomes a medical problem is essential to living a long and healthy life.

Thermography is an important imaging tool of prevention. Thermography helps guide us to the areas in your body that are asking for help; often times long before traditional tests or other imaging techniques can detect a possible problem.

Prevention requires a team…

...because working with professionals means that we can make a difference together.

Sharon Edwards

Homeopath and Registered Holistic Nutritionist / Clinic Director

Sophia Azevedo

Clinic Co-ordinator

Dana Irvine

Certified Thermography Technician

Nicole Benson

BA, CTT,CNP - Holistic Nutritionist

Lena Azevedo

Certified Thermography Technician and Office Manager

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